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mad Lisa Edelstein love on eljay

Because everyone loves a Lisa.
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Welcome to Cuddelstein, from your mods - dancing_crazy and gleam!
From Lisa herself to the Cuddelstein community! - courtesy of mel35!

Lisa! Cuddy! Pandas! Turtles! Ponies? Wait...

Quasi-Hippie, Yoga-practicing, puppy-loving, drool-provoking, incredibly awesome Lisa Edelstein portrays the tennis-playing, iPod-throwing, handyman-hand-chopping badass administrator Doctor Lisa Cuddy on the hit TV series House, MD. This community was started because we love to put things in bold. Also it is meant to allow those of us who love teh Cuddy, teh Edelstein, or both, a place to Squee, Flail and Cyber Pant all over the place.

Please consider this a sanctuary if you love Lisa, or any of Lisa's characters, or if every time you see her you sort of point vehemently to the TV set and go "waitaminute wasn't she a transvestite/hooker/lesbian on [insert TV show here]?! She's hot"; or if you love Cuddy, or any of Cuddy's personalities, or Cuddy's really hot work suits, or her general hotness, or her snarky awesomeness, or if you want her to make sexings with [insert name of doctor/lawyer here] in [insert hospital location here];

OR if, like us, Lisa Edelstein's boundless exuberance leaves you smiling incessantly in any way or form, and you just need a place to share the love

We Don't Do Drama, Mama
cuddelstein is a community made for entertainment and squee purposes by dancing_crazy. dancing_crazy does not consider internet drama entertaining. We assume you understand the meaning of drama as this is, after all, LJ, but to give you a rundown, PLAY NICE. People here, mods and members, are nice to each other. All the time. That's because we're all here for the same reason: loving Lisa. Fights of any kind or purposefully abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated. At all. No jest.

Cut. It. Out.
Large images or hoards of images, including more than 5 or 6 icons, go behind an LJ cut. House Spoilers go behind a cut as well. This is a serious one. The consequences of spoilering would be DIRE (straight!).

There are plenty of communities for that kind of thing out there, so here at Cuddelstein we do not permit RPF (real person fiction/fan fiction) here in any capacity. Posts made linking or involving that will be deleted without warning.

Lock It Like It's Hot
All posts containing video clips must be friends locked. No exceptions to this rule, please.

Be Free
cuddelstein is a community for anyone and everyone who likes Lisa. Feel free to make suggestions, and post discussions about her and her work; this is a community of the people, for the people.
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Precious Stone: Lisa Edelstein

wanna be affiliated? feel free to poke the mod!
Now would be a good time for the disclaimer: we are not Lisa Edelstein and we (sadly) do not know Lisa Edelstein, either. If we did know her, we'd spend all our time patting her hair. If we were her, we'd spend all our time looking at ourselves in the mirror.
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