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just to clarify the date and name of one event - and once again admire Lisa ;))

Best Friends Animal Society's Adoption Festival in Van Nuys, November 12 and 13, 2005

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2012 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot

Lisa is presented in the nomination Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for the role Kelly Siegler.


This is really outstanding and stunning role. Lisa deserves a reward for her. I wish Emmys academics to be wise and make the right choice.

*fingers crossed*

PS. If House M.D. now listen to our hearts, he would have heard: "Emmy-for-Lisa, Emmy-for-Lisa, Emmy-for-Lisa". true!)))))

Q & A with Lisa Edelstein for match.com

an amazing & wise interview.. the incredible & wise woman..

The star of House reveals the hardest lesson she’s learned about love—and the two words she tells herself to maintain an upbeat outlook.

Q: On FOX’s House, your character often gets entangled in arguments with her boss, played by Hugh Laurie. Why do you think women find Hugh so sexy?
A: He’s that classic bad boy type. There’s something very sexy about that—which is why women love him.

Q: Do you go for the bad boy type as well?
A: My type is a caring man who is very supportive and a great listener. But those guys are certainly hard to find.

Q: Earlier this season, your character considered trying online dating. Ever done it in real life?
A: When you’re on a television show, it’s kinda hard to do that. You never know if they would really be interested in you or your fame. But hopefully, I will be meeting someone soon in some other capacity!

Q: Where do you go to meet men?
A: Well, the bar scene really isn’t for me. I love my ashtanga yoga class—it would be great to find someone who appreciates good health and spirituality. But I haven’t found anyone there yet! But you know what, if it doesn’t happen, I am OK with that too. It seems silly to have to spend all my energy trying to find someone that’s supposed to complete me. I am complete with myself. It would be great to have the next man in my life actually appreciate that.

Q: What do you think is the worst thing women do when they get involved in relationships?
A: I feel sometimes they get so wrapped up, they get distracted. Goals they have in life get put aside, just to please the guy they’re with.

Q: What have you learned from your past relationships?
A: I really think it’s important to not sell yourself short. I’ve done that and it really sucks.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are in the dating scene?
A: Enjoy yourself. Take yourself out on a date. Relax—it will happen when it’s supposed to. My friends always call me when they’re having relationship/dating problems, and I’m always the one to say, “Calm down!” I don’t think women really enjoy the time they have when they’re single. There really is so much emphasis on getting involved with someone. I try to take everything in stride and am perfectly happy being single. But I haven’t given up on love… I believe there really is someone out there for everyone.

By Susan L. Hornik , match.com

Eye on Emmy: The Good Wife Courts a Multitude of Guest Star Contenders

Guest stars are of course a fixture on virtually all scripted series, but none seems to do it with quite the gusto of CBS’ The Good Wife. Relying on established stars (or, in the case of two from this past season, the daughters of Oscar winners), The Good Wife offers Emmy voters a multitude of choices for the Guest Performer in a Drama Series categories.

Lisa Edelstein
as 'Celeste Serrano'

BACKGROUND | An old colleague – and ex-lover – of Will, Celeste got under his skin and even planted seeds of doubt in Alicia's head about her current bedfellow.


WHY SHE WAS GREAT | What was Celeste's endgame? Edelstein kept things playful and mysterious as a third-party interloper during Will and Alicia's happy mating period.



‎*fingers crossed*